Wedding Dress = Princess Dress

Before I share 
the funnies from this week with the kids,

Please see what we are doing with regards
to this photo.

If you get involved
you could win a number of things.

For every $1
you get 2 entries to win.

We are now adding two
$25 Amazon Gift Cards
and we are still giving away 
a DVD copy of Frozen

Speaking of Frozen,
we think Ali has watched it
a total of 7 times
at our house or at someone else's.

She likes it sooooo much,
she says she wants her hair to be white.

Also speaking of white and white dresses.
Last Monday we were having
(which is when we talk to our kids about the teachings of Christ and spend time together).

We talked to Ali about when
we got married at our church's temple.

We told her how beautiful it was,
about mommy's pretty white dress,
the emotions we experienced,
the family and friends there,
how we were happy to be married for
this life and eternity.

We asked Ali if
she wanted to get married in the temple
like mommy and daddy.
She responded with a sad look and said,

"But I don't have a princess dress like you, mommy."

We died laughing
and assured her we could get her one
when she was older and ready,
but she was ready to go get one right then.

Jake is getting interested in TV now.
He will
"break his neck"
to get a view of the TV.

He only really watches when there is music involved.

Mostly, he loves to dance.
He dances anytime.
The funniest is when he's eating.

We feel so blessed

to have our kids,
each other,
our family,
our friends,
the opportunities that come our way.

And don't forget to support our march of dimes
future premature children born each day.

For more info about temples watch this video:

Ali's Story

Every year we share this story
for a number of reasons
which we will share later.

Ali was born

October 27th, 2010...

She was born
11 weeks premature.

She weighed 2 lbs 6 oz.

The hospital was not able to confirm
what caused her premature birth.
They suspected a possible infection

She started off with help breathing for 24 hours
and then was quickly able to take her own breaths
She then used a nasal cannula
to get increased oxygen.

She was tiny and fragile.
We went to see her every day
for the next 2 months while
she was in the NICU.

Jodi holding Ali's hand one of the many times visiting her.

This was a hard time for us
and a time for prayer.

Looking at these pictures
bring back difficult memories and feelings;
however, it reminds us of the
and trust in God
that helped us through the time.

Since Ali's birth
we have honored Ali's fight to survive
through the March of Dimes.

We walk for her
we walk for the future children yet to be born.

Every day, thousands of babies are born too soon, too small and often very sick.

We ask
caring parents,
hopeful parents,
and others
to donate at least $1.00
in honor of Ali.

To date, we have raise

 Our March of Dimes Page

The March of Dimes
helps moms have full-term pregnancies
and research the problems that threaten the health of babies
like in Ali's case,

Click on the banner below to donate to our team.

This year we will be giving out prizes
as a thank you to the many
that donate to our team each year.

For every $1.00
we will put in 2 entries for a prize.

The first prize we will reveal
will be a BluRay or DVD of the movie

two $25 gift cards

Read more about Ali's story and the day she was born: