Sunday, January 19, 2014

New State, New Home, New Mexico

We have now reached our
New Home
New Mexico.

We first drove there,
and drove,
and drove.

We slept some...

Ali read some ...

We ate some...

And Played some...

Drove some more...

 Ali even held Jake's hand to provide some support.

Then we finally arrived at our new home:
Clovis, New Mexico.

We did not get our things from the moving truck for about
a week and a half!

So with our camping chair for furniture,
air mattresses for sleeping,
and the few toys we packed in the car
we continued our lives.

I have started my new job.
I am enjoying it a lot.
I get to treat
adults from around the area from many cities and towns,
service members at the air force base,
and even some kids every now and then.

I work at Plain Regional Medical Center
in the Outpatient Healthplex
which is a part of

I work regular business hours Mon - Friday,
no weekends (which I love),
I get holidays off (which I love),
and I really like the team of therapists here.
Most of them are PT's, but
there is one OT that has been there for years.
She is my mentor and is awesome.

We are currently looking for another full time OT,
so if you know any let me know. : )

The kids have been doing great.
They continue to love to play together,
and have been great sports with the move.

Jake is crawling more than ever,

even some walking when holding on to something.

We are finally settling in to our new home:
unpacking boxes,
putting up pictures,
making friends,
learning the community,
and finally getting some time to watch movies and relax.

We even will have some family coming in town to visit us in 2 weeks.
We are excited for the new life we have here,
even though we are far away from some family,
and closer to others.

More pictures to come of
in every footstep

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Friday, January 3, 2014

From the East to the West


5:15 pm, Saturday 4th

We have picked up my car from Lubbock Texas. And we are on our way to Clovis New Mexico. We should be there about 6 PM eastern time.

2:00 pm, Saturday 4th

Rest break? Yes, please.
We are about 13 miles east of Sweetwater, TX.
We stopped for some lunch and play with the kids.

10:20 am, Saturday 4th

We have had our breakfast but a rough night trying to sleep with Jake.
He did not want to sleep in the other room and woke up screaming after sleeping only to 4:00 am.
He slept in the bed with us switching beds between the two kids.

We got some sleep though.

1:00 am, Saturday 4th

We just got into our beds at a hotel & suite place we found in the western part of Ft. Worth, TX.
So glad to have a place with two separate living areas so we could put Jake in the living area in his crib so he won't wake us up.
Hopefully we can get some good rest.

Only 6 more hours to our new home.

6:30 pm, Friday 3rd

We are now at Arcadia, LA to eat some dinner.
It is now dark so hopefully the kids will sleep good, so Jodi can sleep some too.
Depending in if the kids sleep,
We might be set up to
Adam is feeling good and not tired at all because I slept some.

3:20 pm, Friday 3rd

2 1/2 hours of driving.
1 hour eating and potty break.
Lands us in Raleigh, MS.

11:20 am, Friday 3rd

We just started driving.
Off on our adventure.

10:00 am, Friday 3rd

The packing crew arrived at 8:00 am and are moving quickly.

And we have finished last minute packing for our fully packed car. About to leave to pickup the kiddos to hit the road.

7:30 am, Friday 3rd.

Well, 2 1/2 years of grad school, passing my OT board exam, and an interview later
has landed us in Clovis, New Mexico.

We will miss all of our family and friends in Alabama,
But we will be back to visit. :)

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