Sunday, June 24, 2012

Studying with Daddy


Here are some pictures from this past week when Ali delivered cookies to Grandpa Glenn for Father's day.

We forgot to take pictures of my Father's day card and cookies as well. Sorry.

Here Ali and I were doing some studying...
We both learned a lot. : )

This week has been very relaxing not having to work and do all of the studying at the same time.

Here is a small nugget of knowledge...
Ali LOVES ice pops.

Here she has a purple tongue from one.

And yesterday we got to enjoy a pool party and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Yum!

About to get dunked in the water...

After getting dunked... : )

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

5k training update

Today I ran 2.5 miles in 28 min 29 sec.

That is some good improvement since last time.
My knees hurt some afterward though and were weak.

I definitely have a long way to go.

I am training for the 9th Annual Liz Hurley Ribbon Run.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Lost in a Book

I thought this was a great picture.
It illustrates how I feel sometimes what I feel when reading a book.

What is your favorite book that "swept you away"?
Mine is Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.
Recently, mine is Julianne Donaldson's Edenbrook.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eat, No Work, and Play

Us... in every footstep... on a whole new journey...

An update on us, and then... cute pictures of Ali

because get real... what is the number one reason you look at this blog?

To see this cute girl... : )

A lot has changed for me today.
Yesterday was my last day of work.

The grad school workload has become to much to be able to keep up with it and 
work 20 hours a week,
while still staying sane.

So, it is time for us to live off of student loans and savings,
also, time for all the other things like family time.

I have been getting much closer to hitting another milestone of weight loss.
Just a little bit further to go to reach 140.
That will have been 46.8 lbs that I have lost since August of last year.

And then there is Ali.

Well, she keeps us laughing.

Today there was the eating of enchiladas...
(she has started using utensils on her own, which has been "fun")

All over the mouth...

All in the eyebrow...

And the other eyebrow...

In the hair...

And both hands...

So Ali took a bath,
and mommy was having a good time reading while Ali played...
and then...

The book had to get dried out after Ali poured water on it...

Was that me???

Then the music came on...
time to dance,

Or just bounce up and down because that is all she knew to do...

It has been a very entertaining night.

It is good to be back home to enjoy these moments...
much less stressful than work.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ali is in a... Big Girl Bed

Ali has graduated to a big girl bed,
a crib without one side of it attached.

In its place we just have a bed rail/guard.

She has done very well so far.

She sometimes will get out once at night, but she gets back in once we tell her to go lay down.

She also will get up around 6 or 7 am (before she has really slept enough),
but we just tell her to get back in bed,
and she goes and lays down.

The times she has gotten up out of bed, she will come to our bedside and wake us up.

It is a little surprising sometimes to see her there when we open our eyes.

Here is our newest home decor piece that we put up.

We designed it, printed it, and put it into a frame we already had.

If you can't read it, it says:

In the name of Christ our Savior
Did you think to pray
Did you sue for loving favor...

We have it on the wall above our stairs when you walk out.
It is a great reminder for everyday.
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Monday, June 4, 2012 every footstep...running a 5k

My brother, sister-in-law, and mother have convinced me to run a 5k with them in October...

so that means I needed to get to work.

I have not ran more than a mile or have done any kind of significant aerobic exercise  in more than 3 years.

I started on Friday 6/1/2012.

I ran on the treadmill after work at the gym that we have at our office building,
which is pretty awesome that they provide a gym to us.

Also, they just upgraded their treadmills to some very nice ones.
They have alot of features to help track your runs, and
cable tv or ipod capability for some entertainment while you do it.

I started my first day with a total of 2.2 miles.
I did it running and walking at some parts to rest.
I completed the 2.2 miles in 22 min 25 sec.

I thought it was pretty good for as long it has been since I have run.
We will see how I continue to improve.

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