Sunday, November 13, 2016

Balloon Fiesta 2016

We went to the famous
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
this October.

It was amazing!!!

Lots of pictures and few words,
but if anything check out the pictures
of the kids near the end.

The first night (Thursday)
we went was the
Special Shapes Balloon Glow.

During the event
you can walk around
all of the balloons up close.

Darth Vadar vs Yoda...
And yes, there were
storm troopers there.

we got yummy
funnel cakes
and watched the firework/laser light show.

Friday, we went to the
botanical gardens,

The kids loved it.
They had lots of cool animals
and fun things to look at.

Lunch time too, of course...

Insect life garden at
the botanical gardens.
Big things to make you
feel like an ant.

Large pumpkin...

Large eggs...

There was a
butterfly house...

On Saturday morning...
we went back to the
balloon fiesta,
where they have the
Mass Ascension.

It is where all of their balloons lift off.
There was some wind and rain,
so not all of them got to go,
so it was not as huge and amazing
as it is some years.

However, still cool to
us having never seen something
like it.

That was the event.
It was amazing,
and if you ever get the chance
you should go.

And remember,
just keep smiling.

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