Sunday, May 15, 2016

Parents and Kids Fun

This week was fun
And we tried to do more with our kids.
More than just bathing and dressing them.
Oh and feeding them.

We tried to spend one on one time  with them,
Which we hope to continue to do.
We will see how long we can keep it up.

This is what Adam thought of his experience:
I got to enjoy a father and son night with Jake. It was so refreshing and nice to spend time with one of my kids one on one and to be able to learn about them better and familiarize myself with their own personality without other personalities at homcollidinwith theirs. 

We went to eat at IHOP and went to the park after. Jake loves pancakes so much and really likes scrambled eggs. I love his smile when he gets excited about the little things, it makes me want to forget about all of my worries. His smile makes me want to sit and watch him for hours. He makes me laugh inside about how particular he is trying to eat the cut up pancakes that I cut for him, trying to keep them from getting into the syrup, which he had strawberry and regular; however he only ate the regular because he didn't like the strawberry even though he wanted to try it. His particular tendencies remind me of me and how I, in some way, have rubbed off on him. It makes me wonder if I can continue to try and rub off on him in good ways as much as I can.

Here is what Jodi thought of her experience:

I had a lot to of fun with Ali. We went to IHOP too and afterwards we went to a play that the homeschooling group here put on. It was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I was afraid it might be too scary for her, but if she got scared she just closed her eyes. During the scene when the lion is killed she closed her eyes, and I told her what was happening and how it was symbolic of the atonement. I had a hard time not crying. She's growing up fast, and the time we have to teach her seems short. I hope she can grow to have a strong testimony of our Savior and His love for us. She talked about it for days beforehand and afterwards, so I'd call it a success. 
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