Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where to now...

Yep, we are still a little bit crazy...

Ali and Jake have been busy and so have we.

First, Ali...

Well she continues to be bright, healthy, more & more social, funny,
and talkative.
She always makes us smile with something.

Today, it was her loud singing voice during church,
using whatever words she wanted.

She has fun playing with Jake.
As big sister, she is good at telling him what toys to play with,
when to play,
what not to touch,
and telling mommy and daddy when he is crying,
because we are apparently deaf. :)

Jake also has been making us smile.
He is growing faster than our national debt.
(ok, well maybe not that fast)

He smiles more and more and laughs a lot.

He is getting more curious about everything around him.

He is starting to eat baby food, like bananas, peas, and cereal.
Let the messy meal times begin!!!

I have been very busy getting Jake to sleep on a schedule.
And I finally did it.
I wish I could get him to sleep through the night again
But, he is sleeping much better during the day.
All I had to do was pump him full of food.

So here is to more ME time
(even though that is only a couple minutes a day).
Yay for mommy!

I also have good news,
(which you may have heard via Facebook).
I received a job offer.
During the summer I posted my resume for employers.
I did this not because I was desperate for a job soon, but
for opportunities to find a job where I could use my Spanish.
 I learned from my dad (who is in healthcare administration)
it can be difficult to find a Spanish speaking OT.

I received many calls and emails from potential employers.
To keep a long story short (I know, too late),
one employer contacted me that we felt really good about.

Plains Regional Medical Center - Outpatient OT position in Clovis, NM.
I had a phone interview and then they asked to send me out for an interview.

Here is part of Texas from our drive from Lubbock, TX to Clovis, NM.

Here is a map for Clovis, NM.

View Larger Map

Yes, definitely not what we are used to.
The interview went great,
we like a lot of what we saw in the community,
and the job opportunity was a rare find.

So... a job offer came,
and after much processing, pondering, and praying,
we accepted.

I start January 6th.
Now, all I have to do is finish my fieldwork rotation,
study for a large licensure test,
and then move out there.

Easy, right?

We will get through it and grow from the experience.

Who wouldn't with these two side kicks?

And as always...

Follow our blog to see us in every footstep along the way.
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