Friday, June 27, 2014

Zebras, Tigers, and Bears...Oh my (no lions)

We were blessed to have
family visit again this past week.

My sister (Kathy) and her family came.
We played with kids,
went to the splash park,
and made late night trips to Wal-Mart.

It was so good to see her and get to catch up in person!

Ali liked having time to play
with her cousins.

Kathy read books to them before bedtime.

We have also been blessed with
more rain
in this dry part of the country.

I went to the zoo in Clovis, NM
for the first time.

The kids and Jodi have gone several times,
but I hadn't gone and it was
free this past weekend
for a special family free weekend.
They also just created a nicer entrance to the zoo.

Jake loved looking at all the
animals and just stared
and laughed.

We love spending time together...
Make sure you get time with your family this next week...
Because family is important

And remember...

Don't forget to take the occasional

Next time you hear from us
it will be after
Independence Day
Our trip to Alabama to visit our extended family.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Rain, rain, rain

We finally got rain in Clovis!

Our church prayed and fasted
for rain on June 1st.

And our prayers were answered
within one week.
God is so willing to bless when sacrifices are made.

Here was the back view from our house
after some rain...
and after...

A nearby tornado...

Friday and Saturday night we had tornadoes close by.

We survived, and felt a little at home.
The tornado did cause some
damage, but not to the center of town.

Monday came with
beautiful skies and watered land for growth.

We have welcomed the rain


summer grilling...

and smoothies...

(FYI, we are not responsible for making you hungry)

We have been busy with yard work too.

Our flower beds have been mulched since this picture was taken.

If you are in the Clovis area,
let us know if you are interested in mulching for your garden.
The Boy Scout Troop from our church is doing it
to raise money for Scout Camp.

They get the mulch
they bring the mulch
they lay the mulch.

They ask for a donation in return for the work provided.

We have a new addition to our home too..


Named Wurlitzer...

Great deal... off craigslist.
Not played much at all, 
just old and out of tune.

We got it tuned and it plays great.

The kids have been good.
Jake learning to play more and be crazy.

He is now on a kick of


On boxes...

Which he started today...



Ali is loving her brother more and more.
(and occasionally less and less)

They play outside together...

And sometimes with each other
right beside each other.

Ali has learned to draw a snowman.

And continues to entertain us.

She is helpful too.

She put candles in her daddy's
Birthday Brownies

And put his "favorite" color candles

I turned 28...
Yay, still not old,

So glad to have my best friend
with me on my birthday.

Until next time...
hopefully with no news
of tornadoes.
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