Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ali's Birthday Fun

Ali is now

She has come a long way since she was born
at 2 lbs 6 oz.

This was her first Birthday away from family,
and she kept saying
that she wanted family to be here
and naming everyone.

We brought the family to her...

We had one big video chat for her party.
Just set up the laptop and 
everyone was in attendance that could make it.

One of her gifts from Mommy and Daddy
was a day going to ride horses.
(She had been talking about ponies and horses a lot recently.)

Jake got to ride some too.

We had a great time for Halloween.

Two Halloween parties,
Trunk or Treat at our church,
Halloween night Trick or Treating.

We starred as
Where's Waldo and Wenda,
And Puppy Dog.

Here are some of those that we went Trick or Treating with.

I am busy with Young Men's at church,
and Jodi continues to stay busy with Primary as well.

But we are trying to keep our heads on straight
with these two crazy kids.

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