Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas! Christmas!

Christmas! Christmas! .... is here!

We love Christmas.
The season brings so much peace and joy...

Our small decorative reminder of the Joy this holiday brings.

It is also a great reminder of Jesus Christ and his life and example.

And as normal...
we decorated our home for the month.

My mother made this to count down the days until Christmas. You put a number up on the nails each day.
Candles on the banister by the stairs.
Our stockings hanging off the banister (no fireplace in our home)
Garland down the handrail.

And of course... lights.

Ali not only helped with decorating,
but she also helped mommy make Snickerdoodles.

She placed them on the cookie sheet.

And she did it very well,
it was not flawless....

She had to take a bite out of one. She is definitely a child after her mother's heart.

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Thankful for Us

We are very thankful for our lives, each other, and the experiences we have...

This is a video sums things up very nicely about what we can be thankful for.

November we got to go to Six Flags and 
Have 3 Thanksgiving dinners.

Ali on the Merry Go Round at Six Flags
We got to go to Six flags with some of the Glenn family.

It was Honda day, so there were very few people there to back up the lines.

We started our Thanksgiving Day feasts the day before Thanksgiving.

We first had a Thanksgiving Day Lunch at my parent's house on Wednesday.
Then we had a Thanksgiving Day Dinner at my mom's house on Wednesday.
Then we had a Thanksgiving Day Lunch at a friend's house with my family again on Thursday.

We were very thankful...
and so were our stomachs.

Ali got some piano practice in at my mom's house.

Ali also had lots of play time outside.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ali is Now 2

Ali had her 2nd Birthday...
more than a few weeks ago,

but we wanted to post it so you could see what happened.

Better late than never.

She shared her Birthday Party with her cousin, Jeffery, who was turning 6.

Along with her cousins she had aunts, uncles, and grandparents there.

Here is a picture of some of her cousins that were there for the party.

First, Jeffery opened his gifts...

Then Ali got to start with hers.

There were cars,

and a bag full of magnets of the alphabet,

a stuffed pooh bear (from Mommy & Daddy),

and a dress,

and shoes,

and books,

and lots of other things.

She had a good day and she still loves all her presents.

She also had her share of Halloween fun and games.
Here are some pictures.

And well this is just cute.
Ali holding up a little visual aid while a her aunt was talking about a scripture story.

She has gotten to be such a big girl...

And we sure do love her to pieces.
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby, baby, baby...

We got the ultrasound done today...

It's a BOY!!!

He was moving a lot, which made it difficult for them to find out if it was a boy or a girl.

We all smiled seeing him healthy and moving.
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