Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Welcome Spring and Everything Else

We are welcoming many things these days.
Spring time & outside playtime are some of them.

Ali has been enjoying the park near our new home.

We have also been welcoming a lot more
bath playtime.

Ali is sporting a nice hairdo here.

We also made a small tent/fort out of blankets the other day.

In this picture Ali is running to get inside.
(It's hard to get a clear photo of her these days).

When she isn't running, laughing, and having fun...
she is dead tired...
dead tired anywhere.

Even partially hanging off the love seat.

Ali has been wanting to help even more.

Or as she says it: "I wanna hep you".

Since our last post, we "welcomed" some illness.
Ali was sick and had a ear and eye infection.

But she quickly got over it.

And as you know we are now getting closer to

welcoming our new baby.

Ali is also anticipating the baby.

Again not still enough to take a picture.
We can't wait to welcome the new baby
and all of the craziness that will come with it.

As well as welcoming the joy it will bring.
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