Thursday, January 31, 2013

Memoirs of the Young Poor Family: A Movers Tale

Hello again, after our break from the blog.

A lot has happened since we last wrote a post.

Christmas was great. And the new year brought on a new expedition....
We moved!!!
to a new apartment.

We got our new apartment through a domino of moves.

In short...

Who left the first house,
What moved into that house,
I don't know got the deal.

So you may ask: Who helped who?
Answer: I don't know.

This may explain it more if you haven't heard it before: 

Either way, we are glad to be in our bigger apartment
which includes:
3 bedrooms
1 bathroom
2 closets (one is a walk in)
washer and dryer hookup - (how we got our washer and dryer comes later)
a small kitchen
an area for our small kitchen table
a living room
and a small office.

Ali is enjoying the additional space to play. And likes the low windows to look outside.

Ali and the coming baby will both have their own rooms.

We had to purchase a washer and dryer.
We went with a used one through sellers online.
Through the entire process of trying to purchase one that worked,
we brought up the stairs 2 washers and 4 dryers...
until we finally settled on
One dryer, and a washer that leaked.

We then had to purchase a gasket for the washer
and learn (with the help of a new friend of ours)
how to fix it.

Shortly after moving in, we also got to have some snow.

Ali had so much fun playing in it, and...

Ali's footprints.

building a snowman for our new home sweet home.

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