Sunday, November 17, 2013

:) Family Smiles :)

Family Pictures...

because you just can't get enough of us,
Can you?

Some of these kids faces will make you smile.

These two kids love each other.

Ali loves to tickle him.

We are so grateful for our two kids and the joy that they bring into our lives.

Families are Forever.
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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ali is 3!

Happy Birthday to Ali!

We had a birthday party celebration with family on Saturday,
even though her birthday was on October 27th.

We decided to make her a cake.
Daniel Tiger from the PBS show.

We did the cake using fondant.
It was our first time making fondant.

We spent 4 hours together working on the cake.
Even though it took a long time,
we did pretty good.

She loved seeing her cake for the first time.

Ali blew out the 3 candles in one blow
despite the fact they were so far apart.

Then she opened presents.

It is still amazing how far she has come from the day she was born.
We love our girl.

Ali on Halloween.
Ali when she was tiny and in the NICU.
The week of her birthday we went as a family to Red Robin.
She got a free meal and Ice Cream.

I made her a special birthday princess hat to wear too.

They sang to her, but she just sat
looking at the ice cream without even smiling.
She was shy.

We also asked her what she wanted for her birthday.
She narrowed it down to Strawberry cake cookies and strawberry ice cream.

She got to open some presents from Grandpa & Grandma Westenhofer.

She got some legos and pajamas.

Playing with her new lego friends.

We realized we don't post much about our beliefs on our blog.
But what we believe and our faith defines everything about us and everything we do.

So, it's our goal to share more.
Here is a beautiful video about the importance of family.

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Halloween was fun this year.

We went out trick or treating with the kids and 
to a trunk or treat activity at our church.

Ali with kids from church.

Ali and Mommy dressed up in Auburn apparel.

And Jake and Daddy dressed up like missionaries.

Mimi went out to help trick or treat with Ali.
She wanted to do it since it could be her last time
in a long while to do so since we are moving.

Jake is now sitting up very well,

and reaching for anything he can get his hands on.

And while he sits up,

he has also subjected himself to tea-parties with Ali.

This is how one turned out...

They love to laugh and play together.

We like to see them get along so well.

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