Friday, March 23, 2012

Ali Wearing Crocs

Ali has been very funny lately.

She has started helping in the kitchen...

We made a wonderful chicken pot pie.

Ali has started doing something else...

putting objects on her arms/hands.

Like.... Crocs.

She does it with both of our crocs.

And then sometimes she switches things up, and

she'll put sand castle buckets on her hands...

And Rings...

Ali has started taking bites out of more things...

like apples.

She has also started taking more bites out of crime,

And has tried to find things that she is not supposed to have.

Like sharp objects....

like can-openers.

Either way, she keeps us running and
 keeps the word "no" in our daily vocabulary.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Funny Ali

Guess What...
We have had one person donate to the March of Dimes and our walk.
You know what that means....
She has a 100% chance of winning $50...
That is unless you donate, then you would get a chance to win it also.

Please take the time to read this post HERE. We appreciate your help to save other premature children from the obstacles faced in the early part of their lives. A $5 donation makes a huge difference.

Here are cute videos of Ali being Ali!

She likes to give kisses to the little boy in the book when he is going to bed in the book.

Then if you listen closely you can hear her saying "night-night" walking to the crib.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our 4th Anniversary

Our 4th Anniversary was great!

Last week we went to go see Wicked!

It was/is an amazing show. Very entertaining.

Bad news: we missed the first 10 minutes of the show because we thought it started a different time.

The morning of our anniversary, March 7th, was great.

Jodi treated me to breakfast before I went to school.
Which included heart shape biscuits and yummy cheesy scrambled eggs.. It was all very good.

Later that night,
We went to Bonefish Grill in Hoover, AL! Yummmm!

We got their Bang Bang Chicken appetizer. It is the best you'll ever have.

They have Bang Bang Shrimp and Chicken for $5.00 every Wednesday.
(The chicken is not listed on the menu, so if you don't like eating those wet creatures, just ask for the chicken instead.)

We also got the filet mignon and a special brownie macadamia nut dessert.

But, the best part about the dinner...
the gifts for Jodi.

I took 4 gifts to the restaurant before our reservation, and had the manager instruct the waiter to give the gifts to Jodi throughout the meal at different times (drinks, appetizer, main course, and dessert.)

I was very surprised! It felt like we were dating again; when we were dating he was always surprising me with something. There was never a dull moment.

Each gift for one of the four years that we have been married.
Each was wrapped in tissue paper tied in ribbon with a note.

- 1st Anniversary- 

(card with a coupon for a facial)

- 2nd Anniversary -

(new soft bath towels, only the hand towel shown here)

- 3rd Anniversary -

(leather gloves for the winter)

- 4th Anniversary -

(a book about Mom and the great things they do for a family)

We have come to know each other and grow in love throughout these 4 years.
We are
without a doubt
Best Friends.

Now with Ali in our lives, it is all the sweeter.

By our 5th Anniversary we will have the end of the school years in sight.
Only time will tell what we will be doing then.
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Life at Home - Gets Better Everyday

(Ali with jelly on her face.)

One morning Ali was ready to eat while mom was out of the room.
So, like any kid does, they become ambitious, independent, and ...

not so efficient.

She reached up on top of the table and pulled the oatmeal off the table,

sat on it (on the carpet),

and began eating.

Her independence usually makes a mess of some kind. :)

She can also climb stairs, and we found out yesterday she can climb up the step stool.

That way she can get to all of the fun magnets on the fridge to pull them all off and throw them on the floor.

She also picks out her food some times, but only supervised

because that can make a much bigger mess than we ever want to clean up.

Ali has started taking more of an interest in stuffed animals.
One in particular that she sleeps with every night.

Do you know who?...


I think you know now...

Yes, mommy is about to show you...

"LaLa" - Ali's Lamb

We also went to Mimi's (my mother's house) to get together with some long-time friends that were in town and their families.
There were so many of us we had to put the kitchen table into the dinning room with the dinning room table so we could eat together.

For some reason, we all ate desert on the floor.

Ali got some ice cream too...

Here are some of the kids that Ali got to play with.
Aren't those twins precious?!

She is walking better all the time, and trying to run!
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March of Dimes 2012


Ali was born 11 weeks premature.

We are walking to honor her fight and survival. Even though we walk in honor of her life, we also walk for the future children yet to be born.

Every day, thousands of babies are born too soon, too small and often very sick. Our team is walking in March for Babies because we want to do something about this.

It's easy: just click on one of the March of Dimes Banners on this website.

If you can't walk with us, please help by donating to our team. You can do so right on this page. Thank you for helping us give all babies a healthy start!

$$$ - This year we are giving away $50!
For EVERY $5.00 you donate we will enter you for a chance to win the $50 visa gift card (which you can use for anything:  night out, your next new ipad, clothing, or even at the gas pump.)

$$$ - want even better chances of winning but don't have lots of cash to donate? If you become a walker with our team and set up your own page to raise money for the cause, we will enter you in for a chance to win the $50 for EVERY $10.00 that is donated from your own friends on your walker site. So, if you have 8 friends that donate $5.00 to your walk with us, you will not only feel great for raising money for these small children, but you will also get 4 entries for a chance to win the $50. Your friends will also get a chance to win with their donation.  (Donations must be submitted to your site to be eligible and for us to be able to track the donation to enter you for another entry to win.)

Read Ali's story about the day she was born: 

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