Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Time!

We are so excited for Christmas!

We got to start off our Christmas
as always with
St. Nick Day.

The kids opened their stockings
happy to see all that St. Nick brought them.

What do you do to "give" this holiday season?

We also got to go to a nativity exhibit
in Lubbock, TX.

All of the nativities were beautiful,
but here were two things that were really cool.

This arch is made up of little cut out hand prints.
The children from this area in our church
did acts of service throughout the year.
Their service is written on the hands.

They then took them and made a mosaic.

An artist from Lubbock, TX
made this piece.
It was my favorite because it's
rare to see depictions 
of how Joseph felt being
the earthly father to

 Nate has been more and more happy
with each passing day.

On Friday, Dec. 12th
we had our church Christmas potluck.
It was so much fun to visit with

Ali talked with Santa and
told him how she wanted pretty bracelets.

She has grown up so much.

Here is Ali's first time with 
Santa while she was still in the NICU.

Jake just stared at him.

We hope you have a great

Make sure you play
a lot.

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Wedding and Family

For Thanksgiving
we got to go back to
for a wedding
to visit with family.

We managed to get very little photos
with our family
this time.

Once again
the kids did not care
to take any pictures.

So here is our 
wonderful family photo
after the wedding.

Here is a picture of
the bride and groom and most of the cousins.

A great picture of
all of Jodi's family
except for one sister that was not able to make it.

Ali dancing happily and the only picture with proof that she was happy that day.

Though Ali would not allow me to take a picture
she did go dance during the reception.

Ali talking with the groom,
her cousin.

We love the views in Alabama.

Ali and Jake watching the Macy's parade.

In other news,
the house we are renting
had to have all of the water lines

So when we returned from our Alabama trip
it was still getting finished.

Luckily we only had to go
one day without running water.

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October Fun

Things have been 
wild and crazy.

We are back tracking our footsteps
to October.

The kids have been so 
fun recently,
and wild.

The kids are loving
books and laugh
when we read the funny ones.

They have also decided
they don't like pictures.

Like this one Jake is
trying to hide.

We had a Halloween party
this year at our house.

I went a little...

We all had fun at our
Trunk or Treat
at our church.

Mad Hatter

Ali also had
a birthday.

She is now 5.

Can you guess what kind of
cake she wanted?

We put up more Halloween
decorations this year.

We also made
a Halloween wreath.

We think we did
an amazing job.

Though, I was like this
for most of October...
pinkie toe injury.


Jodi had fun with the kids at
the local pumpkin patch.

We hope you and your families
are great,

And remember...
Always give lots of hugs.

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