Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wedding Dress = Princess Dress

Before I share 
the funnies from this week with the kids,

Please see what we are doing with regards
to this photo.

If you get involved
you could win a number of things.

For every $1
you get 2 entries to win.

We are now adding two
$25 Amazon Gift Cards
and we are still giving away 
a DVD copy of Frozen

Speaking of Frozen,
we think Ali has watched it
a total of 7 times
at our house or at someone else's.

She likes it sooooo much,
she says she wants her hair to be white.

Also speaking of white and white dresses.
Last Monday we were having
(which is when we talk to our kids about the teachings of Christ and spend time together).

We talked to Ali about when
we got married at our church's temple.

We told her how beautiful it was,
about mommy's pretty white dress,
the emotions we experienced,
the family and friends there,
how we were happy to be married for
this life and eternity.

We asked Ali if
she wanted to get married in the temple
like mommy and daddy.
She responded with a sad look and said,

"But I don't have a princess dress like you, mommy."

We died laughing
and assured her we could get her one
when she was older and ready,
but she was ready to go get one right then.

Jake is getting interested in TV now.
He will
"break his neck"
to get a view of the TV.

He only really watches when there is music involved.

Mostly, he loves to dance.
He dances anytime.
The funniest is when he's eating.

We feel so blessed

to have our kids,
each other,
our family,
our friends,
the opportunities that come our way.

And don't forget to support our march of dimes
future premature children born each day.

For more info about temples watch this video:

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Six years and Sickness

6 Years of Marriage

The night of our anniversary.

We can't believe the journey it's been,
but we have loved doing it together.

We had Shogun Hibachi delivered,
and we made delicious cake balls.

Jodi wanted to make it memorable,
she got a burn in the middle of melting the chocolate.

I had Jodi go on a scavenger hunt to find her
and take a selfie (see below) and 
get comments from people about what they like about her.
That was her favorite part.
She received lots of nice comments.

Jodi got me some yummy candy
the vinyl letters to go with the picture wall I set up.

On other news,
we have still been dealing with some
sick kiddos.

Jake has an ear infection again.

And Ali went to the ER
because she was throwing up and
could not stop.

However, yesterday Jake seemed to be feeling better.
He showed off how he could eat his toes.

He also loves to pull out the DVD's
from our new entertainment center.

We are hoping this week will be full of
health and wellness.
That would be a vacation in itself.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Snow, Sickness, and Playtime

Hi again from snowy New Mexico.
We had snow yesterday which then resulted in a little bit of ice.

However, the pictures below are from a little bit more snow that we got earlier this year.

Ali had a wonderful time making
snow angels.
A lot.
10 actually.

She played with mommy,
then she got cold and wet with mommy
and went inside to get warm.

Jake has been, well, sick, and then well...


And then busy.

He still loves his baths though.

Ali is still a mess,
independent (too independent),
free thinker,
I know what is best for me,

We still find her in the funniest positions
when she gets up too earlier and goes to the couch
to sleep when she realizes
she is all alone.

Ali playing with bubbles.

Don't worry though she always finds a way to include
Jake in her fun...

They have a lot of fun
with Mommy too.
Dancing is always a must every once in a while.

I love that she finds the time
to have fun with them,
even while I am sick on the couch.

Jodi also got a haircut,
which looks great!

Ali's hair styling is a little different though... 

Okay they are actually elephant ears from preschool.
She learns a letter every Wednesday and Thursday
along with a craft and a snack with other kids from church.
(A mommy made preschool).

I am loving my job.
I really love how easy it is to eat lunch with my family
in the middle of a work day.

Like once, I got to see them at the park...

This past weekend we were busy decorating and
we put together two pieces of furniture:
office desk and entertainment stand.

I added some final touches with some help from
good ol' Hobby Lobby
by making a couple of matching
flower arrangements.

Stay tuned for some more posts and info on
our upcoming
March of Dimes Giveaways.
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