Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ali's Birthday Fun

Ali is now

She has come a long way since she was born
at 2 lbs 6 oz.

This was her first Birthday away from family,
and she kept saying
that she wanted family to be here
and naming everyone.

We brought the family to her...

We had one big video chat for her party.
Just set up the laptop and 
everyone was in attendance that could make it.

One of her gifts from Mommy and Daddy
was a day going to ride horses.
(She had been talking about ponies and horses a lot recently.)

Jake got to ride some too.

We had a great time for Halloween.

Two Halloween parties,
Trunk or Treat at our church,
Halloween night Trick or Treating.

We starred as
Where's Waldo and Wenda,
And Puppy Dog.

Here are some of those that we went Trick or Treating with.

I am busy with Young Men's at church,
and Jodi continues to stay busy with Primary as well.

But we are trying to keep our heads on straight
with these two crazy kids.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

October = Fall = Pumpkin Patch

Fall time!!!
Which usually takes us to a pumpkin patch for some fun.

In the past we would go to 
Tate Farms in Huntsville, AL

Now, we go to...
in Clovis, NM.



Slides, Games, and Mazes...

Jake rode a black stallion, and

A big blue tractor.

Ali rode her white beauty.

Jake and Ali on the HUGE rocking chair.

We have had some beautiful sunsets recently.
(Photo does not do it justice)

We have found out that Jake
LOVES to help make cookies.

The kids love playing outside.

And their neighbor loves to play with them...
Boston (the next door dog).

Jake recently got 
an infection.

Swollen eyes and forehead.
He has been on antibiotics and
swelling went down in 24 hours.

We also got a visitor from
Huntsville, AL

Uncle Allan!

We also got another visit
from Grandpa & Grandma Westenhofer.

We played,

Went out to eat,

and played some Shanghai Rummy.

While they visited we had a broken gate.

I got some good help
from my ole' man.

The Garden has looked great
coming out of summer and into fall.

We took some flowers
in the house
to enjoy.

We even made some
arrangements for the fall as well.

Since we blogged last
someone had a birthday...

We had a picnic
in the park and a movie night.

Jodi has learned the art of
Yummy strawberry jam.

Jake has learned the art of

eating whatever we give him.

popcorn though.

Well, until next time...

and no horsing around,

Just smiles!

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Back from the Past

And we are back...
after a month of no posts.

We have been having lots of fun.
Including summer fun in the pool.

and splash parks.

Our backyard finally has grass filled in
except for small areas in some corners.

The flowers are blooming.

Roses are coming out in the front.

Ali got to take swimming lessons.
We'll just say it didn't go so well,
 but it was a good learning experience.

Jake learned a little too...


& driving...

honking the horn at people...

sleeping side ways...

reading books...

We even had a fun experience
feeding the geese at a nearby park.

There were a lot of them...
and they expect food, so watch out.

Jake even told one,
"Hey, you..."

"Give me a low five."

"Ok fine. How about a high five."

We did have to keep our distance from some, though.
 A little too aggressive going for the bread.

We also took a
Trip to Alabama to see family.
4th of July Week.

All the grandkids that were there


Jake being funny again...

Dogs, which Jake and Ali loved...

Jake got into the dog's water bowl...

it went everywhere.

Ali did some water color painting

Then she had her Uncle Allan do some painting, as well.

It was his first time.

We played some games with family...
this time it was the game "Curses"
(very funny game when played at night.)

Jake did some work at the houses
of family members we visited.

Then he had to clean up.
Any resemblances between these cousins?

We went to a water park.

I got to go ice skating again.
It has been along time.

Now back to work and family life
in Clovis, NM

where we

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