Monday, November 28, 2011


We hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving Holiday, and that you had the chance to remember all of those things for which you are grateful for.

We did.
It's our family.

Here are family pictures we had taken of us.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

I Can Sleep Sam-I-Am

Ali sleeps in a plane, and she could probably sleep in a train.
Ali sleeps sitting up, right before she is woken up.
She usually sleeps here or there,
and she would probably sleep anywhere.

This morning, we found Ali like this...

... and yes she is asleep.
She just learned how to sit up, and 
we guess that she just decided to go back to sleep after sitting up for awhile.

She is a funny girl.

Ali went on her first plane ride two weeks ago to Arizona to visit her Aunt Jill & Kathy and their families.

Ali outside of Birmingham Airport

Waiting to take off
Ali quickly found out the best way to make time pass on the plane...

And like her sleep position this morning she had another way of doing it on the plane as well.

While out in Arizona she waved for the first time and started crawling.
See the videos below.

She has been crawling even more since then. She likes to follow us around the apartment.

She has also started babbling in more sounds than just dada. She makes the sound of b, n, t, s, k, d, m, and a.
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Fun

We are doing great!

Ali has crawled for the first time!!!

Jodi and Ali went out to Arizona and as soon as Jodi put Ali down on the floor, she took 3 crawling steps forward. I did not get to see it, but I know I will  get to see much more.

We will get video posted of her steps progressing to crawling soon, but
in the mean time... pictures.

First, Halloween costumes.
We dressed up for our church's fall festival. We decorated our trunk for the Trunk or Treat as Noah's ark and we dressed up as two cows. Ali was a cat... a pink cat.

(Look at those two front teeth.)

Also, Ali, along with her cousins, went to a farm for some fall festivities.

There was a obstacle course.

A Velcro wall.

A HUGE slide.

A LONG slide.

Ali went down with her Uncle Paul.
(Unfortunately, I had to work and missed the fun.)

There was a hay ride.

There was a corn maze.

A "caterpillar" train ride... well, it's actually pulled by a 4 wheeler.

And since it was fall ... 

there were leaves.

And Ali found one. :)

And there were farm animals.

She loved looking and laughing at them all. 

And there were big tires to climb on.... or sit on.

And, a pile of hay...

To jump in.

And like I said... the corn maze.

Ali's cousin, Autumn, had a great time in the maze.

Ali directed mommy where to go in the stroller.

And here is an outfit for you to see just for fun.

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