Sunday, November 19, 2017

Halloween Time

Well we had a great fall
with Halloween fun.

We had a visit from
Jodi's sister.

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

New Post... In a new city


It has been a crazy last few months.
So here are the basics
from June through September.

Adam had his 31st birthday.

Ali finished swimming lessons.
She also took art lessons
during the summer.


Jake and Nate are stuck like glue...
maybe to much some times. 

We visited the
Blue Hole...
And jumped in it.
The temperature was cold.
Read the sign below.

We drove to Alabama
for another visit to see family.


We had a large birthday celebration for
belated birthdays,
current birthdays,
soon to be birthdays.


Water balloon fight...

Friends on the farm


Nate had a birthday!
The big 2.

Along with mop
for a present.
He loves anything to push
around on the floor.

The kids went to
a science museum.

Adam flew back to New Mexico
to get back to work.

Adam also got to go to
beautiful Cloudcroft, NM
for a devotional with the Young Women
from our church.

While still in Alabama,
The family went to
a wedding for Jodi's niece.

Shortly after the Alabama trip,
In July,
Adam accepted a job
with Carolina Orthopedics
Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy
in Jacksonville, NC.

So we started packing,
but still having fun...

Grandpa and Grandma Westenhofer
in New Mexico
came to visit us one last time
before we moved.

We had our last date night
in Clovis, NM
in celebration of Jodi's soon to be birthday
(because we were going to be on the move on her birthday).

There was a beautiful
that night.

We packed an
large truck,
and headed out.

The kids did pretty good
during the 3 day move.

We stopped in Alabama
on the way to North Carolina.
We had a quick
birthday celebration
for Jodi turning
the big 30.

We then finally made it to
Jacksonville, NC.
In one morning we toured some homes
we had scheduled in advance.
And we found our
new abode.

On Labor Day,
We took advantage
of our new distance
to the beach.

Ali got registered for school.
She loves her teacher and
is making friends.
She also has a good friend
a few houses up from us.

We are starting to settle in.

We are discovering the
new beauty that surrounds us.


Shortly after our move,
we heard the passing of a
in a fight to cancer.

Jodi went out with sisters in hand
to go to the services.
The Glenn girls find strength in numbers.
Even though trials bring tears
(note the tissue box below)
Christ's gospel brings lasting happiness
knowing that families are forever.

The boys got to stay with Uncle Allan and Aunt Suzanne
while Jodi was away.

Ali and Adam stayed
in Jacksonville.
Ali got to go to a fun community event.

The kids are enjoying
more space,
the living room/library,
the play room,
and the big back yard.

With recent inspirational messages from
we felt inspired to find
more time
for our family
in all the business of life.

So we now have a small
event/theme everyday of the week.

Sunday - Missionary Night
Tuesday - Outdoor/sports Night
Wednesday - Arts and Craft Night
Thursday - Service Night
Friday - Backyard Fire Pit Night (smores yumm)
Saturday - Family Movie Night

With our first whole week doing it,
we have found joy in
playing more,
learning more,
teaching children more,
loving more,
cooperating more,
listening more,
hugging more.

And what could matter more...

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