Thursday, January 29, 2015

More Snow...

Snow melted...

And then it came back.

Jake got out and played in it this time.

We made a small home for
"animals" (snowballs)
to go in.

Ali drew a picture
of Daddy in the snow.

Ali is still funny.
Like here she was wearing her glasses
during lunch time, and
while holding her orange she said,
"It's a PUMPKIN!"

She wears her sunglasses to peel her orange so the juices don't squirt her in the eyes.

She also wanted pancakes tonight.
We asked her what kind of pancakes.
She said colorful ones.
So that begged the question, what kind of color.

she said blue.


Jake is very active.
You will see in the next picture a nice
skid mark on his head from outside.

He also has decided to start eating lots of
bananas lately.

He was nice enough to share tonight
with his mommy too.

Have fun in everything you do.

When you get snow...
play in it.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Snow, Snow, Snow

When we returned from AL
we came home to a 
Winter Wonder Land.

Some parts of Clovis and surrounding areas
got up to 10 inches.

It was pretty deep
and the roads iced over.

I even went skating on the ice.

Ali and I went outside a few days after it snowed
and we had a snowball fight and
made a snow man.

The next time you get snow,

shovel what you don't need,

and play in the rest of it.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas Trip to AL

We took the 16 hour drive out to
Alabama for the holidays.

We had a great time visiting with family again.
Here are some pics of the fun and festivity.

Ali opening presents with Adam's family.

We did not get photos of Jake opening presents because
he was napping and we forgot to take pictures after.
But he did get some there too.

A beautiful quilt my mom made for Suz. (sis-in-law)

Uncle Allan sitting with the kids.

Fort for the girls that slept with Mimi in her room each night.
We made some snow flakes...
Star Wars Edition.

And our annual ginger bread making
from the characters of the movie
Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.

As usual I decorated Yukon Cornelius.

And I made a Yoda.

My brother's star wars creation.

Ali and Jake got to open more gifts
at my parent's house.

Jake got plenty of time with grandpa
in the rocking chair.

We had less pictures of all the fun,
but we had games, great food, and 
family fun.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas in NM

Our first Christmas in New Mexico.

The kids helped to make cookies
and we put them out for Santa.

He ate all of them.

Christmas Eve
the kids sat together and
watched Polar Express.

We had very yummy
Cinnamon rolls Christmas Eve too.

The kids opened presents from
Mommy and Daddy.

They got Christmas books and new pajamas.

Christmas morning they woke up
to the present Santa left for them:

Kitchen set,
baby doll (for Ali),
toy cars (for Jake).

And as we traditionally do,
we had the wonderful
Pecan Ring Pastry
Christmas morning.

It was too much to eat in one sitting,
and since we were leaving Christmas Day
to go to Alabama,
we shared the rest with 
our wonderful neighbors (we love you Vigil's).

Always remember,

our Savior is what
it is all about - giving:

love, charity, mercy, and salvation.

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