Monday, October 5, 2015

It's Aliiiiive!

It's Aliiiiiiive!!!

This blog at least... still.
We have been absent for

Ever since our 3rd was born.

3 kids makes things busy.

So if you are willing to see
cute pictures
with quick captions
I will run through 3 months
of absence in this blog.

our vain attempt to take a picture of our

Pictures of Nate - 1 month old

He is bigger now
and smiling more.

Grandma (Mimi) came into town,
and Grandma Glenn,
Grandpa and Grandma Westenhofer,
Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tomas, and their kids.

The kids got to go bowling.

Kids love movie time...
if you didn't know.
And popcorn.

And Cookies!!!
Monster Cookies!!!

They were yummmmy!

Jake loves Brownies,
all over his face.

We had work friends over when
Jake was pigging out.

And these great friends left Clovis.

Jodi and I had 
for Jodi's birthday.

We went to play putt putt.

8 years ago we played putt putt together
for the first time when we started dating.

We had a fun time on Labor Day
going to a small amusement park
called Joyland in Lubbock, TX

It was fun.

Tummy and floor time.

These two love each other.
most of the time.

In other news,
Adam hurt his toe again.
Old fractures die hard.
X-rayed now, even though
it was never done years ago.

Results: negative (bad)
bone floating around,
old dislocation fracture,
and still causing me some pain when
I have my foot in my shoes,
which is often.

I'll be going to see
a podiatrist
and we will see what can be done.

Allergy testing is not very fun.

Lots of needling.

Results: Negative (bad)
some mild reactions to grasses and other plants,
worst one?

I know you are probably saying,
"That's horrible" or "That's awful."
I agree.

I did get to do something fun though recently.
I took pictures of this lovely
couple for their engagement pictures!

They are now happily married.

One of my favorite parts of this summer,
I got to go on a trip
with Ali (just the 2 of us)
and visit the temple.

She loved spending time with her Daddy
and not having brother hog my attention.

I am so thankful for
the blessings we have
received because of our
faith in Jesus Christ.

Here is a picture of the 
beautiful Lubbock, TX Temple at night.

So remember,
stay silly out there.

If you don't smile and laugh,
who will?

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