Sunday, August 19, 2012



Suzanne and Jodi pushing Ali outside on the swing.
We all went up to Huntsville this past weekend
to visit Uncle Allan & Aunt Suz,
and for Ali to see the Dodgies (dogs).

Her Aunt and Uncle got her a swing for outside,
she got to play with the "dodgies",
and she got lots of yummy food.
She could not have asked for anything better.
Ali watching TV with her Aunt Suzanne
Ali and Suzanne going to get the mail.

Reading with Mommy and Daddy
I completed my second rotation of fieldwork for OT school this past week.
It was at St. Vincent's East in Birmingham, AL.
It was a great experience and taught me a lot.
Only two more semesters of academic work and then
two semesters of just fieldwork and I will be done.
I just can't believe how fast Ali is growing, and I'm grateful I get to stay home with her while Adam goes to school.
Being a mom is such an amazing experience.
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Ali's Solo


Ali has started singing, and
she may be ready for the next American Idol.
Watch this video.

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Wounded Warriors Project


As an aspiring occupational therapist, I support any effort and assistance given to those that have sustained injuries from serving our country. Please see this post from my sister-in-law who will be running and raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.
There are great prizes that she is giving away for donations. See her blog for more details.
Donate to support our troops that have returned home.
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A Family Weekend


My brother from NC and his wife Krista and two beautiful daughters.
Austin & Krista
Also Allan & Suzanne (my brother and sis-in-law) came for a surprise visit too.
A great picture of Suzanne, but Ali was struggling to look at the camera.
Jodi, Allan, and Madison
Ali had great time playing with her cousin, Brooklyn.
Ali & Brooklyn
Here they are chasing each other from the den to the kitchen...

and then the kitchen to the living room...
and back again.
Ali reading with Suzanne
Madison chewing on her daddy's finger.
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Springville Splash Pad


This past Thursday we went to Springville Splash Pad.
At first, Ali kept running up to the concrete, but
never went to go get into the water and was somewhat unsure.

Jodi had to go help her through the slide once or twice.
(because she loves slides)
Once she got the hang of it she had a ball.
She really liked all the water that fell from the bucket that was up high.

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Coloring Together


We had a great time the other night coloring.
Ali is loving to draw more and more everyday.

Here are the final pictures.
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