Sunday, August 28, 2016

Summer Fun

The summer fun
is starting to come to an end.

But there's always more fun to be had.

The kids have been busy
coloring with sidewalk chalk
and many other activities
after Ali gets home from school.

By the way, she
is doing great in school.

Here are some
of their drawings.

Your guess is as good as ours...

 Ali and Jake are still
funny sometimes.

As we said,
Ali has been doing great.

It seems as though she
grew up overnight
when she went to school.

She wishes so much
to be old enough to do

Even though it is
hard to watch her do it
at her amateur pace,
it is worth the smile
on her face at the end.

She is always so proud
of the things she gets to do at school.

Her excitement makes
the kid awake inside of us...

like when she is on
the edge of her seat
when a bride and groom
cut the cake.

Or when she wants to
feel what it is like to have
raindrops splash on her toes.

Or when she
finally is able to make
bubble in the WORLD!

Or how she enjoys playing
with her two younger brothers
regardless of how many times
they hurt her
because they don't know
their own strength.

The boys do the same...
like when
we hear the laughter
that explodes from
Nate and Jake wrestling.

Or how Nate can
place himself
completely inside the fridge
to find something to do
because he thinks he is
big enough to do it all.

Or how he watches
intently out the door for
all the new
wonders he might
discover once outside.

And how the kids
love the rush
of feeling the
spraying water fall upon them.

Those moments make us
why we love our kids
and the relationships
we have made
with each other.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Zip Lining!!!

Zip Line Fun!
We got to go zip lining last weekend
Without the kids!

We are not sure which was more fun
Zip lining
No kids.

The zip lines were over palo duro canyon.
It was great!

We then went hiking in the canyon.

The trail we did
Was the Lighthouse Trail
The map said it was 2.2 miles
Then the start of trail said 2.7 miles
It was more like 3 miles.

It was about 105 degrees in the canyon.
So.... not that hot. :)

Even though it was hot
It was a "cool" experience
Some good views.

The photo below is a picture of
The lighthouse rock formation in the distance.
It is in the middle,
Small tower standing alone.

The climb up to the lighthouse.

Up by the lighthouse.

Our first siting of a
horned toad.
Don't you just want to hug it.

It was great fun.
You should go if you have the chance.

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