Sunday, April 29, 2012

March of Dimes


The March of Dimes walk had a great turn out this year.

We also had great support for our team. Our goal was to raise $500 this year.
Well, we raised a total of $728!

Our randomly selected winner for the $50.00 American Express gift card was Ann Lee.

When Ali was born and in the NICU, we received alot of support from others to get through the long process of watching Ali grow and become healthy enough to come home. We have felt this same feeling again by watching the many donations come in this past month. We appreciate the support that you have given, and we know that the money is going to serve other "amazing little infants" that are being born each day.
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

1st Baseball Game

Ali got to go to her first baseball game.

(Not so excited at first, but she got happier as the night went on.)

We to the game with some of my UAB OT classmates.

We went to watch the Birmingham Barons vs. the Huntsville Stars
We had a great time,

even though the Barons lost (6 to 1).

Next year they will have the new stadium built,
and hopefully that will help them gain some more attention.

One of my classmates (Jake Gilliland) got one of the foul balls,
he was a gentleman and gave it to Ali since it was her first game.

Everyone that was there signed the ball too.

(My First Baseball Game - 4/12/12 -- UAB OT - Class 2013)

While at the game we taught Ali how to play peek-a-boo.

She loves playing it now.

Other news,
our strawberry plants are starting to crank out some yummy fruit.
Much sweeter than those from the store.

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

(Ali in her dress on Easter morning ready to go to church.)

This past week we have all been sick.
Not fun, but we survived.

Ali ran a fever of 103.0
We took her to the doctor the day after, and the Doc said to let it continue to run its course and
Ali would be fine.

We have been enjoying the spring weather and
we have been playing outside together more.

(We need to be better about including pictures of the whole family, not just Ali.)

We found a fun activity for Easter.
Make your own lilies to make a bouquet using a trace of your own hands.

See the link on how to do it here.
We all made at least one out of our own hand.

One night Ali sat for about...
30 seconds, to watch Beauty and the Beast.
We could not pass up the opportunity to take a picture of the moment.

Then she got tired of it and went to play.

Ali also watched some of  General Conference.

Again, only for about 30 seconds.

Like most children, she likes to play,
but only when she is not tired.

Recently, she has not been getting adequate sleep due to her being sick and other activities that have interrupted her sleep routine.

This somewhat blurry photos captures the attitude fairly well throughout the day today.

Today she was tired almost all day and fussy.

We went to Jodi's sister's house for an Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt with other family members.

Dinner was great...
being with family to fill the soul
and great food to fill our stomachs,
including the very warm and delicious yeast rolls Jodi made.
As seen here before going into the oven.

Even though Ali has been tired today, she still enjoyed looking for eggs.

(Ali at the start of her hunt)

(Mommy helped her keep the eggs in the basket.)

(Here, Grandpa Glenn is helping her get one egg that was high in a bush)

(A stroll into the neighbor's yard to look at the flowers.)

(The results from the hunt... yummmm!)

(Ali & Mimi)

We are very grateful for Ali being in our lives, and
we know it was because of many prayers that she is here today.
Being Easter, it is a reminder of how important life is, and
that Jesus Christ lived, died, and was resurrected for our happiness.

And that should always make us smile.

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