Sunday, April 17, 2016

Jake is 3!

Jake turned 3!

He had a great birthday with his family,
and got some awesome gifts.

Rescue Bots Transformers!

Planes Chutes and Ladders!

Cards with Money!

He had a cupcake "cake"
with trains on it.

He liked helping decorate it too.



like a good big sister,
was also very excited for Jake's birthday,
and she was also
excited for new toys.

Last Saturday the kids got to go to
Build and Grow
at Lowe's Home Improvement
and they made
Bird Feeders.

Ali is sporting her goggles
that she got.

Nate is growing and
is now able to pick up small finger foods
like puffs and goldfish.
He's nine months old now and getting his 3rd tooth on the bottom.
He refuses to crawl...
just demands that we hold him or hold his hands while he stands.

Adam has been having some knee pain...
well for quite some time,
like years.
He finally decided to go have it looked at.

The orthopedic doctor recommended an MRI,
which is scheduled April 21.
So we will see what the verdict is.

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Spring is here

Welcome Spring!

Much has happened since our last post. Nate has grown up a lot.  


 He is eating more
And is wanting to move more. 
He is rolling and rocks some on all 4's
When you put him on all 4's,
He has not mastered how to get onto all 4's
On his own.

Grandpa and Grandma Westenhofer
Came one weekend as well.
During our 8th anniversary
So that Mommy and Daddy could have time to go on a date...
Ice skating! 
In Amarillo, TX.

Adam broke out his old ice skates.
It has been a long time since
He has done jumps and was sore afterwards.

We ate at some good places like,
Malcolm's Ice Cream and Food



The kids also got to do some
Glow in the dark putt putt in Amarillo.




 Grandpa and Grandma Glenn came to visit.
We went putt putt golfing
For FHE when they were here.


(Nate was sleeping in the stroller close by when we took the picture.)
So no we didn't leave him at home :)


Big news...
Adam was accepted into
The University of Utah
Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program!


It covers therapy best practices, theory, and research
And is an online distance education program.
It will be another 4 years of school for us.

 Happy Spring!
We hope the best for all our friends and family.



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