Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Miracle Baby

Our little bundle of joy got too excited to see us and decided to try and start coming too early on Sunday afternoon.
I think it is because I have been talking to her alot (in Spanish) so that she can get to know my voice, instead of only Jodi's voice.

We were not sure if she was having cramps or contractions.
We called the doctor... and 64 oz and 2 Tylenols later the doctor told us she better come in since the contractions did not stop. When we arrived, 6:45 pm, they took us back to a room and explained to us that this sometimes happens and to not worry because they have medicine to prevent her from going into labor.

They gave Jodi 3 different types of medicines (shots, pills, & IV of Magnesium), which all seemed to help slow the contractions, but did not stop them completely. They finally gave her one other medicine (which our nurse called the "Big Guns") that was able to stop the contractions.


This medicine did work, and the nurse gave Jodi two shots of steroids to help the baby's lungs develop as much as possible while she was still "cooking".

Well, Jodi did not have any contractions until Wednesday morning at 4:00 am.
They determined that she was going into labor,
 and they would not be able to stop the contractions at this point.
So the long morning preparation to receive our baby girl began.

One of our many wonderful nurses, Dani, assisted Jodi through the majority of our time at the hospital.
Finally, the part you all are waiting on, our girl came.

At 8:44 am, Ali Elizabeth took her first glance at the world. I only got to see her eyes for a second before she shut her eyes.

The nurses immediately took Ali to help her start breathing and to check other vital signs due to her being 11 weeks early. They let Jodi get to see her for a very short moment before taking her to the NICU.

Then I followed Ali to the NICU. There they weighed her at 2 lbs and 6 oz.
There I was able to take more pictures.

They said she is doing well and they will continue to monitor her closely the next few days to make sure she continues to develop her still immature organs.
Jodi still has not gotten to see her apart from the short moment after delivery. Hopefully she will be able to go to see her tonight.

We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers offered on Jodi and Ali's behalf.

See Ali now:

- Support and donate to the March of Dimes to help others like Ali.
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  1. She is gorgeous! congratulations and I will keep you guys on my prayers

  2. she is so tiny and cute! i am so happy for you guys. im glad that jodi is doing alright and that baby ali is responding well! we love you!

  3. Congratulations! What a miracle! our thoughts and prayers are with you and your adorable family during this precious and sweet time. Love, Amanda (King) Sargent

  4. Congratulations Jodi & Adam! What a precious baby girl! Keeping you all in our prayers.

  5. Congrats Jodi and Adam!! she is beautiful!! prayers are being sent your way! love and hugs!