Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorable Moments for Memorial Day

You're back again?

This past Memorial Day weekend
we went to Ruidoso, NM.

On the way out there we
saw beautiful sunsets.

Once we arrived,
the kids got to play with
Grandpa & Grandma Westenhofer.

We went around and
shopped in downtown Ruidoso.

Ali loved running from
store to store.

She showed us how observant she was
when she spotted
what she called a crab...
it was a snail.

Can you spot it?

We enjoyed the
grandparents baby-sitting some.

We went on a trip up to Ski Apache at
10,000 feet by
Sierra Blanca Peak & Buck Mountain.

Here is our rare
"couple-without-kids" photo
up at the COLD lookout.

I'm glad I get these moments
with this chica.

Here is another of us
shortly after getting married
that we have in our bathroom
that I get to see every morning.

However, the messes
never avoid us on vacation.

We had one of our kids
get into and spill the
dishwashing detergent.

Guess who it was...

We also got to go to
a cool iris farm.

Well, that is all for now to report on.

Until next time...

Make sure you get your milk and cookies.

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Welcome Summer

Welcome Summer!

First we must update you
on all of the 
talents of our little ones.

First Ali,
with her amazing new
fashion designs.

Do you ever have a certain shoe design you want to wear,
the color does not match your outfit?

Just wear it with another color shoe so
you get both the look and color you were wanting.

Second, drawing and sketching skills.

Detail is so over-rated.
Make it simple.

Want to draw a person...
Circle, arms, and legs...

But seriously we were impressed she could even do that.
It was the first time we have seen her draw a person before.

Third, got a cold sore?
That can be fixed.

Just hide it with a sticker...

Now for Jake.
He is still working on his talents so
just one to show off for now.

His talent: culinary or mechanic? We aren't sure yet...

No caption needed.

Otherwise, he smiles a lot when eating pineapple.

He is also working on his vocals
Mainly just warm up work here...

But you will have him crying if 
you try to record him with out his permission.

He learns the rest from
Barney and other reputable well known singers...

Past that we have had great fun with
visits from family.

Jill and David
(my sister and her husband)
came to visit in April.

(My mother)
came to town for a weekend.

She also gifted Jake and me with matching
bow ties.
Which I like.
I never saw myself wearing one,
but I think I like them.

You can see mine and Jake's a little bit
in the photo below.

The kids keep me entertained and exhausted.
I'm making friends here and so are the kids.

Jake amazes me with his intelligence.

He moves fast, figures things out quickly,
knows what he wants, throws tantrums, and
understands moods and situations.

Is that even normal in a 1 year old? Seriously.

Ali is independent and wants to do things her way.
She is funny and bright. And she never forgets.

She's obsessed with Elsa and loves to dance.
She loves attention, tickles, and treats.

And my favorite...
She thinks she can get out of eating as long as something hurts.
A body part that is... any of them really.

We are welcoming summer
all the fun it will have to offer for play time
(not so much the yard work time).


the sun
can be annoying sometimes...

But we always try to smile...

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