Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring is Here

Welcome Spring!

Things have been fun
and warm here in Clovis.

The kids are getting bigger
and cutter.

Nate has grown a lot,
and has learned how to communicate
a lot without words. :)

Here Nate is
just chilling with his head rested
while I cut his toenails.

Grandpa and Grandma Westenhofer
came to visit us recently.

We went to the park for some fun and lunch.

Nate waiting for Grandpa
to get done with pancakes.

We have recently gotten over
sickness at our house.

Ali and Jodi had Strep.
Adam reacted from eating

He can't resist the yummy stuff,
even though he is allergic to it.

A few weeks ago
we got to see friends in Santa Fe,
and Adam got to go ski at
Ski Santa Fe.

Here are some pictures
of the kids and our friends.

Ski photos from Adam

make sure your get out
to a park or garden
to enjoy spring
and the beauty all around.

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