Sunday, April 23, 2017

Jake's 4th B'day and Easter

This is quite the update on our
growing family.
So I'll tell you in pictures...

We love sunsets and sunrises here,

Spring is Beautiful!

Nate did great at his check up.
Chilling with his sucker after some shots.

Nate and Jake
are becoming good buddies...
most of the time.

Nate and Jake in the background
starring down some candy
after a baptism ceremony at our church.

Spring Break in Lubbock with Mom:
Bouncy houses and painting ceramics with a friend of ours.


Jodi and Adam went on a double date
and went rock climbing.
It was a good experience
and a sore one.

Kids being kids.

Jake with some of his friends.

 Jake's Birthday Celebrations:
presents, cake, putt-putt, play-set at chik-fil-a (where Jake wanted to eat)...


Church Easter egg hunt and field races.

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