Monday, November 8, 2010

2lb 8 oz!

Ali gained 2 oz more than her original weight!
We were so excited for her.

In addition, she was taking 7 mL of milk when we saw her, and they were going to put her at 8mL last night.
She is eating alot.

Mommy keeping Ali's pacifier in while Ali is fed by the nurse.
She is looking better and better each day.

Mommy got to hold Ali while the nurse fixed her bed after bathing her.
Ali has started sun bathing again. We think she enjoys it by the way she positions herself.


  1. Hola compañero, recien me estoy enterando de lo que pasa, y se que Dios te bendecira grandemente y pronto se repondra la bebe y la tendran en casa, saludos a la familia que poco a poco ira creciendo.

    Atte: Jonathan De León Calderón